Are You Sharp Enough to Work at Quantum?

Brains, Energy, Passion

If you’re looking for an easy job, Quantum isn’t the place for you. But if you want to break new ground, change the future for our clients, and do the best work of your career then Quantum may be a great fit. You’ll get lots of responsibility and grow like you’ve never grown before. You’ll move to another level personally. And you’ll help other people grow too. At Quantum we believe in brains, energy, and passion.

We are always looking for great minds
to join our team

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    Our mantra

    • have fun

      Life’s too short to do all work and no play. Are you fun and productive? Are you socially intelligent? Do you know how to keep it light and breezy? After people interact with you, is their energy level higher or lower? Do you laugh often? If so, you’ll love it here.

    • keep it simple

      Our client’s world is complicated. Our job is to help them keep it simple and productive. Can you see through the clutter and capture the essence of a situation? Do you have high bandwidth? Do you have a knack for simplifying? If so, you’ll love it here.

    • Move the needle

      Our clients expect results. And we expect you to deliver. Do you love a challenge? Are you competitive externally but collaborative internally? Do you want to grow personally and help others do the same? If so, you’ll love it here.