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20 Apr

How to Challenge the Status Quo in Highly Competitive Markets

Are the entrenched habits of physicians limiting your product’s growth? Last week, we hosted a free webinar featuring Fred Marshall, CEO/Founder of Quantum Learning, Inc., to address this specific issue. You’ll learn: how to supply the energy to change old habits, deliver messages that are clear, credible, and compelling, and cement the changes across the practice as a system of care.

At Quantum, we exist to empower our clients to effect change in their customer’s world by giving them research-based tools, skills, and insights that are proven to move the needle in Kirkpatrick Level 3 and 4 Evaluations. Our core values are: “Care Deeply. Change Lives. Invent Tomorrow.” So how do we help salespeople effect change in these complex environments? How do we get that, “Yes!” to overcome those embedded behaviors and differentiate your product in the mind of someone who might just be thinking, “Why should I care?” or, “How are you different?” Briefly put — challenge the status quo. But not in a way that puts your hard-won customer relationships at risk. Instead, challenge the status quo in a way that deepens your relationships, elevates your clinical credibility and moves the needle. In this webinar, we discuss:

  1. How to grow your brand by showing your salespeople how to appropriately challenge the status quo while elevating their clinical credibility and deepening their customer relationships.
  2. Understand why the right competitive selling behaviors simplify everything from hiring the right people in the first place to setting clear expectations, from providing actionable feedback to keeping your team focused on those actions which will directly move the needle.
  3. Learn how to create meaningful differentiation even when there isn’t a lot that’s different between your product and the competition.

We hope you will enjoy Fred’s 50+ minute, value-packed discussion, courtesy of PharmaVOICE below:

Quantum’s more in-depth “Challenge the Status Quo” approach shows salespeople and their managers how to change physicians’ thinking and treatment habits in 4 steps. Follow these steps for a cohesive, systemic method, our proven modus operandi to move the needle forward so you get results:

  1. Supplying the energy to change. No one changes without motivation or energy. We show your sales force how to supply the energy to change for your specific brand in a way that both motivates and differentiates.
  2. Providing clear and compelling reasons to believe that your product will make things better.
  3. Asking for an incremental commitment that is easy for the physician to say “yes” to.
  4. Consolidating this new mindset and behavior into habits that last and continue to grow your brand for years to come.


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