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22 Jan

How to change physicians’ mindset and behavior

Imagine for a moment that your sales force is promoting a revolutionary new product with clear brand strategy, great data, and superb messaging. At first sales take off and everyone is pumped. But then only a few months in, things flatten out and sales stall as you run out of early adopters.

As the pressure mounts, the sales force starts losing their swagger. And soon, morale is teetering. The question is: how do you turn things around? How do you reach the much more challenging and conservative mainstream physician and get them to change? How do you disrupt the status quo without being seen as disruptive?

You might assume that something is wrong with the product or wrong with the brand strategy or messaging. But, it turns out that the real problem is in finding a way to change the physicians’ mindset and behavior while strengthening your clinical credibility and deepening your relationship.

A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Challenge the Status Quo

Quantum’s “Challenge the Status Quo” approach shows salespeople and their managers how to change physicians’ thinking and treatment habits in four steps:

1. Supplying the energy to change. No one changes without motivation or energy. We show your sales force how to supply the energy to change for your specific brand in a way that both motivates and differentiates.

2.  Providing clear and compelling reasons to believe that your product will make things better

3. Asking for an incremental commitment that is easy for the physician to say “yes” to

4. Consolidating this new mindset and behavior into habits that last and continue grow your brand for years to come.

Quantum helped one specialty biopharma company set new standards of excellence by dramatically improving rep quality scores from 69 to 91 on a 100-point physician assessed rep quality index as independently measured by ZS Associates. But as impressive as that was, they crushed their numbers by jumping from 96%-to-goal to 121%-to-goal on average using Quantum’s Challenge-the-Status-Quo approach.

Are Physicians’ Entrenched Habits Limiting your Product’s Growth?

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Our solutions are proven to move the needle under Kirkpatrick Model Level 3 and 4 evaluations, so you can trust that reps will actually use the behaviors they have learned from Quantum on the job and that those behaviors will positively impact your organization.

See How to Challenge the Status Quo