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10 Jul

How to Move the Needle in Highly Competitive Markets

Your brand is facing stiff competition. To remain competitive you know you need to plan for the future, but you also need to execute and move the needle now. How do you do it?

How do you crush the competition in highly competitive markets while keeping it fun, sustainable and engaging? How do you motivate your sales force to become as obsessed with mastery as you are?

How We Increased a Brand’s Rep Quality from 5th to 1st Compared to Competitors

In the case study below, you will see how Quantum Learning helped one pharma brand identify the research-based selling behaviors that would move the needle in their therapeutic area, and then put in place a 20-month arc composed of 5 strategic events in order to:

  • – Shift the default behaviors of its middle performers from average to best-in-class
  • – Elevate the sales force from 5th out of 6 competitors to 1st in rep quality, as measured from the healthcare provider’s point of view
  • – Crush their numbers, moving from 96%-to-goal attainment to 121%-to-goal

Moving the needle in competitive markets means setting expectations about what world-class performance looks like in concrete, behavioral terms — it’s about making your brand strategy operational.

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About Quantum Learning

Quantum Learning is a research-based sales training company that develops behaviorally-anchored customer engagement models that are proven to move the needle in Kirkpatrick Level 3 and 4 Evaluations. Our sales force effectiveness tools, skills, and behaviors are designed to be easy to digest and apply to the exact competitive challenges you face.