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competitive selling in biopharma
20 Feb

Postcards from the Competitive Frontier: The Future of Competitive Selling in BioPharma

“In change there is danger, but also opportunity.”

~Sun Tzu

Healthcare is changing quickly and dramatically:

The treatment landscape is evolving fast – novel therapeutic paradigms are disrupting the status quo left and right – especially in oncology, rheumatology, and other specialties.

The payer landscape is changing, too – quality of care, cost of care, and health economics outcomes research are increasingly driving treatment choice.

The provider landscape is changing – consolidation of practices into large integrated delivery networks, where physicians and their staff are increasingly held accountable for quality and value metrics around the care they provide.

And finally, the competitive landscape is changing. More and more competitors are fighting for the same patients and indications.

It can be overwhelming! With all this change, how can you be sure that your sales force is ready to compete, win and grow your brand?

The future of competitive selling is about learning to compete and win in a dynamic and fast-changing marketplace. It’s about strategic agility. It’s about leading with initiative versus reacting to the initiative of others. It’s about developing the ability to learn and adapt fast inside well defined compliance guardrails. It’s also about creating a clear line of sight between brand strategy and face-to-face execution.

The new competitive frontier is about making the most of small differences in efficacy, safety, and perhaps most importantly winning control of the total treatment experience – for the physician, the patient, and the practice as a system of care.

The new competitive frontier is about the ability to achieve system change.

What does that mean? It means proactively getting all the stakeholders in an account to shift their thinking, behavior, and treatment protocols to favor your brand. Because, getting the physician to write your brand is not enough. You have to make sure the staff are doing a high-quality job of educating and starting patients on your treatment. You have to make sure that the staff are proactively managing side effects and adverse events. You have to make sure that product access is smooth and easy.

In summary: You have to make sure that the end-to-end treatment experience for your brand is meaningfully better than the competition – especially when you don’t have head-to-head data. And remember, sometimes the competition is not another brand, it’s the mindset and default behaviors of the physician, the staff, and ultimately the patient.

Empowering your sales force to deliver system change is what it’s really all about. System change and system differentiation.

But how can your sales force learn to achieve system change at the level of the physician, the staff, and the patient? How can they challenge existing treatment paradigms without blowing up relationships?

It starts with research

Quantum’s research-based approach to strategic customer engagement begins with a detailed investigation into where the treatment landscape is heading.

Next we perform blinded field rides with top- and middle-performing reps to identify the specific strategic differentiators and behavioral drivers of sales growth in your business, market, and competitive environment.

Establishing a clear-line-of-sight between brand strategy and achieving system change

Quantum works seamlessly with your brand team and sales leadership to create a clear-line-of-sight between brand strategy and face-to-face execution to achieve the business and clinical outcomes you want, all with the goal of changing the mindset, behavior, and treatment protocols of the physician and the staff across the practice as a whole.

This means identifying every strategic touch point along the continuum of care that will move the needle for your brand, including establishing the:

  • Urgency to treat
  • Belief in efficacy
  • Meaningful differentiation
  • Patient type clarity
  • Access to treatment
  • High quality start process for new patients
  • Proactive stay process for managing side effects and adverse events
  • Everything and anything that simplifies the total treatment experience and delivers the best possible outcomes for your brand

Expect growth

By giving your sales force practical tools for turning your brand’s strategic imperatives into competitive reality, your brand grows.

Quantum’s approach to competitive selling has been consistently proven to work in well controlled studies, demonstrating both improvements in HCP-assessed rep quality metrics and growth in volume and market share – independently verified by neutral 3rd parties like IQVIA, STEM Healthcare, and ZS Associates.

See how it works

To see if the Future of Competitive Selling in BioPharma is right for your world, contact Quantum to see how it works.