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12 Feb

When it’s hard to differentiate your brand, differentiate your salesforce and the total treatment experience

How do you differentiate your brand, when your brand’s not that different?

As leaders in biopharma marketing and sales we invest an enormous amount of time, energy and money into promoting our brands. But even breakthrough products with highly intelligent and refined messaging sometimes fail to impact the market as expected.

If your product has run out of early adopters and sales are flatlining, or if you are losing market share to competitors, the problem may not be your messaging, but how HCPs feel about the way your sales force interacts with them.  

You can’t always differentiate your brand, but you can always differentiate the total office’s experience of your brand — from the way your salespeople and MSLs interact with their staff, to the way the staff handles patient call backs and access to product.

Social intelligence, the ability to motivate with both facts and feelings in a socially sensitive way, is one of the most important skill sets top performers exhibit. But how do you help the rest of the sales force develop emotional and social intelligence skills?

It’s all about helping your sales force learn to become practice partners and collaborating to achieve shared outcomes. Because at the end of the day, physicians and staff may or may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Behavior change only occurs when four things come together.

1. When the HCP feels understood

2. When the HCP sees compelling evidence, credibly delivered that they need to change their approach

3. When the path to change feels simple and risk-free

4. When the HCP feels you have their best interest at heart

Empowering every rep in your salesforce to succeed is what we do.

Teaching 500 salespeople the right mix of clinical depth and social intelligence isn’t easy. It requires in-depth, primary research into what works in your clinical, market and competitive environment, followed by instructional design, training, and relentless pull through. Quantum makes it simple.

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