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16 Jul

How to Grow Your Brand by Disrupting the Status Quo

You have a novel product with multiple indications but you’ve run out of early adopters and growth is stalled. What do you do?

How do you disrupt the prevailing treatment paradigms, the HCPs mindset, and, ultimately, their behavior without blowing up the relationship?

Disrupting the Status Quo (DSQ) is a research-based approach to changing the healthcare provider’s thinking and treatment habits by: supplying the energy to change, providing compelling evidence that the product will improve the experience for the provider, patient and practice; gaining incremental commitments, and cementing those new behaviors into habits that last.

How Quantum Empowered this Client to Elevate a Brand’s Total Treatment Experience by 3X

The case study below shows how Quantum developed a research-based Customer Engagement Model with a biopharma brand’s sales leadership, brand team, and sales training to:

  • – Significantly improve customer engagement quality as measured from the HCP’s point of view
  • – Significantly increase market share
  • – Deliver year-over-year growth

Before DSQ, only 2 of 7 Customer Engagement Behavioral Drivers were significantly higher than competitors. After DSQ, 6 of 7 Customer Engagement Behavioral Drivers were significantly higher than competitors as independently measured by a neutral 3rd party.

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