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02 Jul

How to Differentiate Your Products by Elevating How You Engage Customers

You’re dealing with a complex system of care. Biosimilars and new classes of therapy are constantly forcing you to adapt. The only way to achieve consistent growth is by continually examining, tweaking, and improving the way you engage customers.

But how do you ensure that you’re engaging the right stakeholders — and that your efforts are focused in the areas most likely to drive growth?

Quantum Learning is the world-leader in developing research-based, behaviorally-anchored, customer engagement models across all customer-facing teams (commercial and medical affairs) that are proven in Kirkpatrick Level 3 and 4 Evaluations to move the needle.

How We Increased a Brand’s Market Share 7% in Just 6 Months

The case study below will show you how one Quantum customer engagement model helped a cardiovascular sales force:

  • – Reimagine the way they engage with customers
  • – Double the number of reps performing at a world-class level on Quantum’s behaviorally anchored rating scale in just 5 months
  • – Increase the brand’s market share by 7% in just 6 months

Results like these explain why when Apple needed a new selling model, and a better way to engage customers, they called Quantum.

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