Clear, Credible, Compelling.

Engaging Customers with Clinical Credibility & Deep Social Intelligence

MSLs, perhaps more than any other role, engage a surprisingly broad range of stakeholders with very different needs, backgrounds, and objectives.

Quantum has deep expertise in helping MSLs combine clinical depth, social intelligence, and advanced communications skills to amplify the value they bring to both customers and the organization.

Ready to elevate your MSL’s ability to engage internal and external stakeholders? Reach out because Quantum has deep expertise in MSL Excellence.

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Clear, Credible, Compelling

It's easy to get lost in the weeds when sharing clinical information.

Quantum did blinded field rides with top and middle performing MSLs to identify which behaviors made the greatest contribution to their role.

One of the most important ones was the ability to take complex scientific information and make it clear, credible, and compelling.

Quantum's approach to customer engagement for MSLs simplifies the communication process so your MSLs are dramatically more impactful when face-to-face with internal and external customers.

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Deep Collaboration

Another core MSL behavior is the ability to collaborate with a wide range of people from thought leaders, to clinical investigators, to brand teams, and more.

Quantum provides MSLs with deep collaboration skills so they can leverage their scientific and clinical expertise to make major contributions to not only Medical Affairs but to other stakeholders both internally and externally.

Ask better questions

Asking Better Questions

It's been said that it's not the answer that enlightens, but the question.

Asking thoughtful questions that help customers think in new directions is another best-in-class behavior of top performing MSLs.

Quantum's training on asking better questions will empower your MSLs to gather the most powerful insights and bring them back to your organization amplifying the impact they have on the medical team and others inside your organization.

Deep Expertise

A holistic approach to simplifying change and transforming your brand’s future.



  • Simplifying Customer Engagement
  • Competitive Selling Strategy
  • Strategic Advisory, Needs Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Annual Training Strategy and Plan
  • Mobile 1st Simplified & Engaging Pre-Work
  • Blinded Field Rides, World-class Execution



  • District Manager Train-the-Trainer
  • Virtual & Live Workshops
  • Video, Animations, Audio
  • Mobile 1st E-learning Modules
  • Competency Models
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Research-based Selling Behaviors



  • Coaching and Pull-through Toolkits
  • Brand Playbook
  • Field Coaching Report Integration
  • Podcasts
  • KPI Integration
  • Territory Analysis Toolkit
  • Transformational Journey Design