Primary Care


Thousand salespeople trained.

Our largest single primary care implementation to date.



Quantum delivered advanced sales training in 41 countries in record time.

In 18


From design and development to final delivery!


Million Euros.

Of incremental revenue gain in the first 12 months!

Speed, Simplicity, Self-Confidence

Primary care can be brutal. HCP access, ultra-short interactions, competitive counter-messaging, and high-quality generic alternatives, make growing your brand more challenging than ever. Quantum knows what it takes to move the needle in primary care.

In our largest implementation to date, Quantum trained 14,000 salespeople and their managers in 41 countries in 18 months. Kirkpatrick Level 3 evaluations demonstrated behavior change in the field and most importantly the client got an additional €875 million of incremental revenue in the first year! Everyone on the core team got promoted. Quality of customer engagement scores went up. It was truly a win win win situation. Quantum has deep expertise in primary care.



Focused on Impact

Engage Better & Faster

Primary care training is about empowering your salespeople to act with speed, simplicity, and self-confidence because face-to-face engagement time is so tight. Message flows need to be clear, credible, and compelling. But they also need to be fast, easy to remember, and trigger the HCP to think of our brand at the right time, and in the right place, in a way that triggers action.

Keep it simple icon

Beyond the Forgetting Curve

Message recall is a good start, but behavior change is what moves the needle. The good news is that the neuroscience of behavior change, message recall, and habit formation are now well developed, and we can apply those research-based insights to short calls, long calls, lunch and learns, speaker programs, and more. Quantum partners with both sales training and brand teams to communicate much more succinctly, with greater intention, and impact.

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The Total Office Call Matters More than Ever Before

Driving treatment choice is only half of the solution to sustainable growth. Elevating the total treatment experience is equally important. Having an effective strategy for succinctly engaging the total office is the best way to get patients on therapy and keep them on therapy. To say nothing of supporting the Triple Aim and now even the Quadruple Aim (add healthcare provider well-being).

Customer behavior

Beyond Closing: Asking for and Sustaining Behavior Change

It’s one thing to get someone to change once. It’s another to get them to change for a sustained period of time. Everyone who’s every been on a diet knows how easy it is to drop back in to old behaviors. The same is true for each staff member in a busy practice. Quantum uses the latest neuroscience of behavior change and habit formation to create sustainable change, because sustainable change is how you create sustainable competitive advantage.

Deep Expertise

A holistic approach to simplifying change and transforming your brand’s future.



  • Simplifying Customer Engagement
  • Competitive Selling Strategy
  • Strategic Advisory, Needs Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Annual Training Strategy and Plan
  • Mobile 1st Simplified & Engaging Pre-Work
  • Blinded Field Rides, World-class Execution



  • District Manager Train-the-Trainer
  • Virtual & Live Workshops
  • Video, Animations, Audio
  • Mobile 1st E-learning Modules
  • Competency Models
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Research-based Selling Behaviors



  • Coaching and Pull-through Toolkits
  • Brand Playbook
  • Field Coaching Report Integration
  • Podcasts
  • KPI Integration
  • Territory Analysis Toolkit
  • Transformational Journey Design