Specialty Therapeutic Areas


Thousand specialty reps trained.

In nearly every major specialty.


Thousand specialty DMs trained.

Because coaching and pull-through are critical to success.


Specialty brands launched.

Across a wide range of therapeutic areas including rare diseases.

Specialists Have Higher Expectations

Whether your specialty sales reps are calling on endocrinologists, neurologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, infectious disease, oncology, or rare disease, one thing is clear: The level of customer engagement needs to be a lot higher if you’re to gain access to biopharma’s most valuable prescribers. Nine out of the top ten brands in 2020 were specialty products and it shows no sign of letting up.


Customer behavior

Becoming Change Agents

Empowering your managers and reps to become change agents is the foundation of success in specialty sales. Everything that matters in specialty sales boils down to change: Changing mindsets. Changing behaviors. Changing treatment protocols. Changing the way the staff educates patients. Changing the way they manage side effects and adverse events to both get and keep patients on therapy. Quantum provides the most effective, neuroscience-based, behavior change skills on the planet to help you grow your brands. And we empower them to do this despite limited access, despite competitive noise, despite prior-auth and reimbursement challenges.

Total treatment care

Driving Treatment Choice

One side of the change equation is shaping treatment choice. For middle performing specialty reps the approach is still the data dump. You see it in the ratio of rep to HCP talking. The rep is talking most of the time. But that’s not what top performers do. The have a brand story to tell and clinical evidence to share, but they follow that with strategic probes to help the HCP connect the dots between your data and their patients. Top performers use questions to guide the HCP to come to their own conclusions about why change makes sense. And that’s so much more powerful then telling them what they “should” do.

Collaboration icon

Elevating the Total Treatment Experience 

The biggest mistake middle performers make when selling to specialists is to be proactive with the physician and reactive with the staff. They wait from problems to show up. But that’s not what top performers do. Instead, they proactively develop strong relationships with each key stakeholder in the practice to elevate the total treatment experience for their brand because they know that treatment choice and experience are different sides of the same coin. One effects the other. They work hard to create an integrated customer experience (ICX) that differentiates their brand from the competition at every relevant touchpoint along the continuum of care.

Competitive selling icon

Challenger Moments™

There are times, when we need to respectfully challenge the prescriber and staff to think and act differently about something important. For example: An assumption about our brand that the competition has planted that’s not true. A paradigm that keeps them from seeing the true value of our brand. The question is: How do you do that in a compliant way and elevate your clinical credibility and relationship in the process? Quantum has deep expertise in specialty sales and can provide your salesforce with the right tools, skills, and insights for moving the needle in your therapeutic area.

Deep Expertise

A holistic approach to simplifying change and transforming your brand’s future.



  • Simplifying Customer Engagement
  • Competitive Selling Strategy
  • Strategic Advisory, Needs Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Annual Training Strategy and Plan
  • Mobile 1st Simplified & Engaging Pre-Work
  • Blinded Field Rides, World-class Execution



  • District Manager Train-the-Trainer
  • Virtual & Live Workshops
  • Video, Animations, Audio
  • Mobile 1st E-learning Modules
  • Competency Models
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Research-based Selling Behaviors



  • Coaching and Pull-through Toolkits
  • Brand Playbook
  • Field Coaching Report Integration
  • Podcasts
  • KPI Integration
  • Territory Analysis Toolkit
  • Transformational Journey Design