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of Incremental Revenue in the First 12 Months

Go Big or Go Home.

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When two large biopharma companies merged to become a top 10 biopharma giant, they faced three challenges: 1) How to combine two very different companies into a science-based, marketing savvy, culture that could reimagine competitive customer engagement. 2) How to build a killer launch platform to leverage one of the best new product pipelines in the industry. 3) How to build a research-based selling model and coaching platform that would set new standards of excellence and reach the full potential of their amazing new product pipeline


Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

When two top-performing companies combined forces into one of the best new product pipelines in the industry, the only question was how quickly could they combine their operations into a world-class growth machine.


A Clear Line of Sight Between Brand Strategy and Face-to-Face Execution

Early on, everyone recognized the key to building a launch machine was to use an evidence-based approach to develope the people, systems, and processes that would bring together sales, sales ops, marketing, and sales training into a unified system for launching blockbusters.


Research-based Customer Engagement

In the first three months, Quantum developed a customer-engagement model and process along with 7 core selling skills that were rigorously tested in both the US and EU and then systematically rolled that out to 14,000 salespeople and their managers in 41 countries in the following 18 months. A seamless connection was made between brand strategy and face-to-face execution — especially coaching and pull-through.


Over $1Bn in Incremental Revenue in the First 12 Months.

The overall project was so successful that everyone involved got significant bonuses, several people got promotions, and the CFO showed that the company generated over $1 Billion in incremental revenue in the first 12 months.

“This is probably the most successful initiative I've ever been a part of."

VP of Global Sales and Marketing

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Launch Ready from Day One

Launch Ready from Day One

Whether you're launching a new biologic or your first commercial team, make sure your sales force is launch-ready from day one.

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