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28 Jun

LTEN Recap: Dedication to Client Success Deliver’s LTEN Excellence Awards

Hot, hot, hot. The desert air wasn’t the only thing that was hot in Arizona at this year’s LTEN conference in Phoenix. Two Quantum clients, Genentech and Pharmacyclics, earned major recognition at LTEN’s Excellence Awards!

To learn more, check out our LTEN highlight video below, which captures all of the excitement, from great workshops and catching up with old friends and colleagues to the LTEN Excellence awards.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the fascinating companies and speakers for making LTEN 2018 an event to remember!

Genentech Wins “All-Star Team” Award

First: we are so grateful to have partnered with the Ophthalmology team to deliver world-class training that helped them win the “All-Star Team” award. This award is distributed by LTEN to teams or work groups that have “gone above and beyond” to meet organizational needs in positive and constructive ways. This was achieved in conjunction with the Lucentis team to focus on 2 specific selling skills, and was accomplished over the course of an entire year by driving behavior change and achieving business results. Within that year, Insightful Questioning behavior increased from 38 to 43 percent and Gaining Commitment increased from 21 to 29 percent. Nice work!

Pharmacyclics an LTEN Excellence Award Finalist

We are also grateful for the tremendous partnership we have with the Pharmacyclics team. This year there were more submissions for the LTEN excellence award than ever before from highly respected companies who did tremendous work. That’s why we are so proud that our work with Pharmacyclics helped them become finalists for the LTEN “Training for Change” category. This award honors training leaders and teams that design systems or programs to help guide their teams and organizations through periods of rapid change. These changes can be company-wide events like mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, new product launches, or total business model redesigns. In partnership, we worked with the Pharmacyclics team to help the sales force appropriately Disrupt the Status Quo™ by creating a Customer Engagement Model that supported the selling behaviors needed to create a clear line of sight between brand strategy and face-to-face execution with the total office. The end result was a significant lift in market share. But even more significant was the improved performance on Top Tier Drivers of Intent to Prescribe (from hitting 2/7 drivers to 6/7 drivers). Wonderful!

Quantum’s President, Jill Fenton, Wins LTEN Member of the Year Award!

Finally, a monumental congratulations to our very own Jill Fenton for achieving the LTEN Member of the Year Award! This award is reserved for those who have significantly contributed to the LTEN member community and the life sciences training ecosystem. Jill has put an incredible amount of work into countless community initiatives, helping hundreds of members through volunteer work, training individuals and organizations, public speaking, developing valuable industry-relevant articles, mentoring, and so on. But most importantly, she has done quite the excellent task of leading Quantum and our clients into the future!

We had so much fun hanging out with all of you, please check out a highlight video below of our time at LTEN. We hope you had as much fun as we did and very much look forward to seeing you in Dallas next year!



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