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06 Jul

LTEN Video Recap: We loved rocking out with you!

The Quantum Learning team was happy to attend and co-facilitate several workshops at this year’s LTEN in Nashville. As you’ll see in the LTEN Video Recap below, having fun, keeping it simple and moving the needle go together really well!

Quantum Learning Workshops at LTEN

Thee Quantum Learning representatives took part in this year’s LTEN.

  • Jill Fenton, President of Quantum Learning, and George Mimms II, Sr. Training Manager & Programs Owner at Genentech Emerging Managers, had so much fun performing a few exciting exercises with the crowd during their workshop “Influence Without Authority Works for Field Trainers! Motivate Your Peers to Action”.
  • Michelle Soto, Commercial Training and Development Manager at Genentech, and our very own Angela Allen, Quantum Learning’s Director of Customer Experience, showcased their expertise and experiences with their large LTEN audience in their workshop: “Sharpen Your Competitive Edge: Innovative Ideas for Impactful Competitive Selling Workshops”.
  • Fred Marshall, CEO and Founder of Quantum Learning, Inc., satisfied the audience’s appetite for competitive selling at his learning lab “empower your salesforce “Empower Your Salesforce to Compete, Win, Grow” which was designed to elevate 6 competitive selling behaviors.

Thank you again!

We enjoyed reconnecting with longtime friends and connecting with new. We are looking forward to building upon those relationships and help make a difference in the L&D world!

Ready to Move the Needle? We make it Simple

As leaders in research-based pharmaceutical sales training, Quantum Learning provides groundbreaking research-based salesforce effectiveness training proven to move the needle. That’s why we have worked with companies like Biogen, Gilead, Genentech, Novartis, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, among many others. We get consistently great results by performing blinded field rides to discover what selling behaviors differentiate top and middle-performing sales reps in your therapeutic area. Then we provide effective sales training to teach those successful behaviors to the entire salesforce.