Our Approach

The right selling behaviors simplify everything.

Sales force effectiveness begins with doing blinded field rides to identify a handful of core behaviors that actually move the needle for your brand. Once you’ve got those core behaviors figured out, everything else falls into place:

  • Interview guidelines so you hire the right people in the first place
  • Onboarding and core curriculum for new hires
  • How to set expectations around what world-class performance looks like in behavioral terms
  • How to coach and pull-through behavior change in the field
  • How to make your customer engagement model come to life
  • How to operationalize your brand strategy

Scroll down to learn more about how Quantum’s research-based approach to sales force effectiveness can move the needle for your brand.

Research-based approach to Moving the Needle in your Therapeutic Area

  • 01


    Quantum does primary research in your therapeutic area to identify the default behaviors that move the needle in your clinical, market, and competitive environment.

  • 02


    Quantum works closely with your brand team, and sales leadership to ensure a clear-line-of-sight between brand strategy and face-to-face execution.

  • 03

    Certify your DMS

    Quantum then certifies your district manages to set clear expectations, cascade the new behaviors to their teams, and coach and pull them through to the point of mastery.

  • 04

    DMS to Cascade to Reps

    Your district managers then cascade the training to their reps using a simple meeting-in-a-box that contains everything they need to shift and elevate your rep’s ability to execute each game-changing behavior in the field.

  • 05

    Relentless Pull-through

    The most important part of the entire Quantum approach is empowering your DMs and reps to actually achieve mastery of the new behaviors through relentless coaching and pull-through.

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