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08 Feb

Pharma sales training: How to collaborate and win in a competitive world

A recent study found yet another difference between humans and the most intelligent primate species: When there is a competition for limited resources, humans are uniquely adept at finding a mutually beneficial equilibrium in which all parties profit. In other words, people are more inclined to cooperate than to compete. We’ll explore how cooperation is key to any pharma sales training program if your goal is to eliminate barriers to product utilization.

What it is…

Obviously, humans are more socially intelligent and advanced than other primates. That’s not what made this study interesting. What made it interesting is what it tells us about the unique challenges faced by our species in our distant past, when humans lived in bands of around 30 people and foraged for food.

It was a competitive and unforgiving world — much like the pharmaceutical industry — and those that thrived were the ones who knew how to turn a competitive situation into a cooperative one. So what does this mean for pharma sales training?

Why it matters…

For many brands, especially biologics, the key to creating competitive differentiation and growth is becoming a partner, not just to the health care provider, but to the practice as a system of care. That means learning how to cooperate rather than compete. Sales reps must engage strategically and make themselves truly valuable along the entire continuum of care — physician, patient, and practice.

Our 2-hour workshop Becoming a Practice Partner teaches salespeople how to execute a total office strategy, how to differentiate the total treatment experience for your brand, and how to grow your brand by systematically eliminating barriers to product utilization in every corner of the practice.

Growing the People Who Grow Your Brands

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