Reimagining Sales Force Effectiveness

A Paradigm Shift in Sales Force Effectiveness

How do we achieve not just a 10% improvement but a 10X improvement in sales force effectiveness? The answer might surprise you.

Traditionally sales force effectiveness initiatives have focused on optimizing:

  • Sales force size, structure, territory design
  • Sales operations
  • Execution of the brand strategy
  • Motivation
  • Competency models

The approach works and continues to pay dividends.

But if we want to jump to an entirely new level, we have to execute at an entirely new level. How? By introducing a new paradigm of sales force effectiveness that builds our current foundation but takes it to an entirely new level. It comes out of the latest research in the fields of behavioral economics, neuroscience, and experience management.

And it is inspired by the achievements of companies like Apple who have built an entire ecosystem of superior customer experience that has made Apple the most valuable company in human history expected to cross $1 trillion in market value by the end of 2018.

Achieving Growth by Differentiating the Total Customer Experience

  • The purpose of this new sales force effectiveness paradigm is to rise above the competitive noise and deliver a more meaningful and differentiated total treatment experience for each of your brands. That experience cuts across every stakeholder in your brand’s ecosystem: Across the total office, through the pharmacy, and more.
  • Your customer facing teams have a strategic role to play in ensuring that the actual experience lives up to its potential to drive growth and deliver value to every stakeholder along the continuum of care.
  • It starts with thinking through what that total treatment experience is currently like for all the stakeholders in your brand’s ecosystem and then making sure that what your customer-facing teams deliver is not just a little bit better, but in a completely different league compared to your competitors.
  • In practice, that means identifying the drivers, questions, and decision points for differentiating the total treatment experience of your brand in a disciplined, systematic, and meaningful way.
  • One of the biggest components of that experience is the way your customer facing teams interact with each healthcare provider along the continuum of care. From sales reps to MSLs, from Field Based Trainers, to Reimbursement Support Specialists, from Thought Leader Liaisons to District Managers, each customer facing team member plays an important role in ensuring that the total experience is different and better in a meaningful way.

Quantum Has Deep Expertise in the Behavioral Science of Creating Differentiated Customer Experiences that Move the Needle

One of the most important drivers of competitive differentiation is the way your customer facing teams interact with each stakeholder along the continuum of care.

Too often these interactions are one sided primarily serving the goals of the sales force and the brand, and treating customer concerns as objections to be handled. The consequence is a one sided experience that opens the door to competitive attack.

In the new sales force effectiveness paradigm, your customer facing teams have to strike the right balance between achieving their own goals and creating a better total treatment experience than the competition.

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