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Sales Force Effectiveness
05 Feb

Blast Off! Quantum Learning Launches New Sales Force Effectiveness & Sales Training Solutions

Quantum Learning, Inc. is happy to announce the launch of new portfolio of sales training and sales force effectiveness services designed to help you compete, win, and grow your brands. 

A New Paradigm in Sales Force Effectiveness

Traditional initiatives to improve sales force effectiveness lead to traditional results, and hey, 10% growth is nothing to sneeze at — but what if you could achieve 10x growth?

Our new website introduces the surprising ways that Quantum helps companies achieve a true paradigm shift in Sales Force Effectiveness, and it involves everything from behavioral economics and neuroscience to the experience management insights mastered at Apple.

A Dedicated Culture that Believes in Having Fun, Keeping it Simple, and Moving the Needle

Delivering growth is serious business, but the secret to making that happen is to be research-based, collaborate deeply, have fun, keep it simple, and make sure above all else, we move the needle.

Learn how the Quantum Culture of passion and research combine with great leadership, a sprinkle of fun, and an obsession with keeping things simple and practical to create measurable results.

Unparalleled Expertise in Research-Based Sales Training

Quantum Learning is the leader in research-based sales training. What does that mean and how can it help move the needle in a challenging reimbursement environment and competitive marketplace?

Quantum’s new website showcases in more detail than ever before Our Solutions, which hinge on research-based behaviors that are battle tested, proven to work, and immediately applicable to your therapeutic area.

Inspired by Clarity and Transparency

We believe in our process, and we believe in our results — but some things in life shouldn’t require belief.

Our solutions are proven to move the needle under Kirkpatrick Model Level 3 and 4 evaluations, so you can trust that your sales force will actually use Quantum’s research-based selling behaviors to move the needle for your brands.

Check out our latest Case Studies that reflect our dedication to transparency, integrity, and clarity with data from our 2017 business results. You’ll see exactly how we helped biopharma and medical device companies crush the competition, grow their brands, and change their future for the better.

About Quantum Learning

Quantum Learning is a research-based sales training company that is trusted by the world’s most highly respected sales and marketing leaders to achieve their business and strategic goals. We deliver sales force effectiveness tools, skills, and behaviors that are easy to digest and apply to the exact competitive challenges you face.

Until next time, we invite you to see What’s New in the Quantum Blog, to learn more about Our Approach, or to Contact Us today!