How to Move the Needle

In Highly Competitive Markets

Compete. Win. Grow.

Moving the Needle in Highly Competitive Therapeutic Areas

How do you grow your brand in highly competitive markets? The answer is deceptively simple: Find out what your best people are already doing to compete and win in your therapeutic area and then train the rest of your sales force to do the same thing. Yes, it’s that simple. And Quantum can show you how. It starts with doing blinded field rides with both top and middle performers to identify the specific behavioral differences between those salespeople who are good, those who are great, and those who are breathtaking.

Secret Sauce:

Once you’ve identified those pivotal behaviors that drive growth, elevate your competitive effectiveness by focusing on achieving mastery of those behaviors across a 20-month arc. Why 20 months? Because deep expertise and competitive power take focus, persistence, and drive. Most companies never pull through their training. They jump from thing to thing to thing. Want to crush your numbers and leave your competitors in the dust? Call Quantum. Scroll down to learn more.

Elevate Sales Force Effectiveness
Through Competitive Selling


This biopharma case study shows how Quantum’s approach changed this brand’s future in just 12 months. Before elevating the sales force with competitive selling, physician-assessed rep-quality metrics were next to last: 5th out of 6 competitors. But worse, the average rep was painfully below plan: Only 96%-to-goal. Few were making bonus. The sales force was feeling beat-up and morale was super low.


After 12 months of Quantum’s approach, we successfully moved the needle: Quality metrics set new standards of excellence, jumping from 69 to 91 on a 100-point scale. The sales force got its swagger back and crushed their numbers: 121%-to-goal on average. Most reps got bonuses. And market share hit an all-time high for the brand.


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