It Starts with a Mindset

Competitive selling starts with a passion to compete and win for patients. We see it in the best oncology reps, we see it in the best managers, it all starts with passion. But passion alone isn’t enough. You’ve got to back that passion up with deep expertise in change management because competitive selling is ultimately about changing mindsets, behaviors, and, when appropriate, protocols in several areas in a practice. The goal is to identify all the stakeholders in a practice who impact the two most important factors in competitive selling: Treatment choice and treatment experience. Today, driving demand isn’t enough. We also have to create a better total treatment experience for each stakeholder along the patient journey. Because at the end of the day, if two products are clinically similar, the thing that’s going to make the difference is the total experience of using your brand. From product access and patient education to managing side effects and adverse events. Creating a frictionless experience is the new frontier of competitive advantage in oncology, immunology, and biopharma.

Oncology, BioPharma, Medical Device client in sales training

100% All In.

World-class competitors are not satisfied with the status quo. They want more. They’re driven to be number one. And their managers coach and support that mindset and culture. They set the pace and tone around being the absolute best you can possibly be. But then they back that highly focused intent with relentless coaching and pull-through around world-class behaviors including: How to tell a clear, credible, and compelling brand story. How to ask questions that get the HCP to think in new directions. The neuroscience of behavior change, and much more.

Oncology, BioPharma, Medical Device client in sales training

Discretionary Effort & Passion

Great coaching is essential to competitive excellence: Learning from every experience. Collaborating internally, competing externally. Channeling their passion for patients into a white-hot drive to be number one. Meaningful relationships. Clinical depth. Being bolder. More insightful questions. The willingness to challenge customer thinking with evidence-based insights and fresh new perspectives. Top performers set new standards of excellence and their manager is there to guide them and coach them to achieve their highest potential as sales professionals and as human beings.

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Behavioral Neuroscience

Blinded field rides, with top and middle performers in biopharma and oncology, have revealed that top performers show resiliency, agility, and focus. They don’t go on autopilot. They are fully present in everything they do and are crystal clear about why they’re there, what they need to accomplish, and how they intend to make it happen. They’re also savvy about the larger ecosystem around each key account they call upon. The key stakeholders, lines of influence, who respects who, and how treatment protocols get established and changed. They understand cause and effect in their customer’s world.

Oncology, BioPharma, Medical Device client in sales training

Sustainability with Better Coaching & Pull-through

Changing behavior once is easy. Getting that behavior to stick is a lot harder. At Quantum, we build sustainability and pull through into everything we do. From pod-casts to gamification. From first-line manager coaching certification to upgrading your Field Coaching Report, we use a variety of coaching and pull-through tools to make change stick!

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