Research-based MSL Behaviors

This flexible curriculum is based on Quantum’s latest research, with leading MSL teams in oncology, immunology, and biopharma, which revealed five new superpowers (core capabilities) that define MSL Excellence in today’s complex healthcare ecosystem.

Perhaps more than any other group, MSLs collaborate with an incredibly broad range of both internal and external stakeholders across the entire ecosystem. And their contribution goes far beyond communicating complex scientific information. We call these new behaviors “superpowers” because they combine many skills into a larger capability that has the potential to create a game-changing impact. They are:

  • Manages many complex projects in parallel to deliver shared outcomes across a wide range of stakeholders with very different needs and priorities.
  • Works collaboratively, transparently, and compliantly with internal teams to engage key stakeholders across the ecosystem to amplify the contribution that others are able to make.
  • Proactively develops a deep network of scientific and clinical relationships with HCPs and scientific leaders and KOLs in the ecosystem.
  • Is highly perceptive, emotionally intelligent, and intuitive when communicating with others.
  • Is an impactful communicator, going beyond educating to transforming and empowering others to do things differently.

Each one of these superpowers works synergistically (along with foundational skills and knowledge like therapeutic area expertise) to create an MSL capability set that is unrivaled in the industry. As a medical leader, you mix and match these superpowers with other MSL training to create an MSL curriculum specific to the vision, strategy, and goals of Medical Affairs. Each superpower includes the following elements:


Engaging Pre-Workshop Assignment

Its purpose is to engage and inspire your MSLs, prime their learning, and begin the process of internalizing each new superpower and skill set. They learn what each superpower is, how it works, and why it matters to them and to the organization as a whole. And finally, it sets the stage for the live experience.


Live Workshop Experience, Virtual or Face-to-Face

The workshop experience is designed to focus on the application of each superpower to the current goals and priorities your MSLs have. They work in teams to apply what they just learned to create a greater impact in their world.


Robust Coaching & Pull-Through Toolkit

The coaching toolkit is designed for both the MSL and their managers to make sure the new superpowers are working in the real world. It includes self-assessments, coaching guides, and content reviews to make the application easy and effective. Finally, we can include podcasts with your MSLs to showcase success stories that inform and inspire others.


Greater Collaboration, Social Intelligence, and Impact

The result of implementing MSL Excellence is nothing short of transformational. We see it in stakeholder feedback about the quality of MSL-HCP engagement, clinical impact, new product launch success, and many other concrete effects.

Options for Implementation

The most effective way to create transformational change is to break MSL Excellence into three events spread out across 12 months. Roughly once every trimester. This creates continuity and momentum.

We always align and focus the content of each event with current priorities and needs, whether it’s a new product launch, KOL development, or another key initiative the medical team is focusing on. That way there is a clear line of sight between medical strategy and MSL execution.

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