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06 Sep

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, And You: Disrupting the Status Quo in Biopharma

I was in line at Starbucks this morning behind two construction workers. One commented to the other on Starbucks’ latest invention, the Nitro Cold Brew.

“It’s cold coffee on tap that uses nitrogen bubbles instead of carbon dioxide. The texture is like Guinness.”

“Well, you’ve got to keep innovating to stay on top,” the other said. “Otherwise someone else will come in and put you out of business.” He turned back to the menu. “Good for them,” he concluded.

Either You Disrupt the Competition or the Competition Will Disrupt You

Disruption is in vogue. Everywhere you look, small companies with minimal resources are entering markets and displacing established systems.

Netflix, once scoffed at by Blockbuster, entered the movie rental market, tapped into streaming video and promptly drove Blockbuster out of business. Today streaming on-demand entertainment is the standard. Then ridesharing startups Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi industry. Then hotel industry disruptor Airbnb came along. But when it comes to disruptive thinking two companies led by visionary entrepreneurs take the cake.

Apple, under visionary Steve Jobs, disrupted not only the global telecommunications system and put 100+ year old camera giant Eastman Kodak out of business, it spawned a new industry, the smartphone industry, which has changed the way people exchange thoughts, consume news, do their banking and even meet their significant others.

Now it seems the numerous projects and companies of entrepreneur Elon Musk will be doing the disrupting. The products/devices Musk is developing have huge potential to reshape not only industries, but the way we live. These include:

  • Tesla, the battery and automobile manufacturer, which has created an affordable electric car that will signal a new chapter in automotive history and disrupt everything from oil and gas giants to automobile manufacturers.
  • Robots that will make cars so quickly you won’t be able to see them as they fly down the production line.
  • A tube that will take you from New York to Washington D.C. in under 30 minutes.
  • A private space program and spaceship company that will help colonize Mars. Yes, Mars.

Disrupt the Status Quo in Biopharma

We work in a competitive industry, and the same basic principles about competitive disruption are true.

But disruptive thinking isn’t just about introducing a new category of product that revolutionizes a market. Sometimes the most important disruption happens when we change how our customers think and act when treating patients. There are times when the success of a brand is limited by how the physician approaches the disease state and therapeutic category. You could say there are times when disrupting how the physician thinks is the key to growing your brand.

The challenge is: how do we disrupt the way a physician thinks without hurting our credibility and relationship? This is what we mean when we say: disrupting the status quo. The goal is to get the physician to think in new directions and actually elevate our credibility and relationship.

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