A New Paradigm in Customer Engagement

There is a new paradigm of integrated customer experience (ICX) that is transforming the way we engage customers and manage the total treatment experience. It’s the rise of team-to-team customer engagement and it’s the key to exponential growth.

Your team, composed of a district manager, several sales representatives, a field reimbursement manager, a field trainer, and other customer-facing roles including MSLs, engage customers in a coordinated way at three levels: Individual, account, and ecosystem.

We call it team-to-team engagement because each account is its own team. And select members of our team interface with key stakeholders in the account and across the surrounding ecosystem including: payers, pharmacies, and more. The goal of team-to-team engagement is two-fold: First, drive treatment choice, and second, elevate the total treatment experience.

If your brand strategy requires team-to-team customer engagement to deliver your strategic imperatives, then this program could create a meaningful impact. Here’s a high-level summary of how it works.

Team-to-Team Customer Engagement

All Customer Facing Team Members

From sales specialists to district managers, from field reimbursement specialists to field trainers, even MSLs could participate in this team-to-team approach to customer engagement.

Simple & Seamless Team-to-Team Customer Engagement

Empower Customer-Facing Teams to Work Together Seamlessly

The key to exponential growth today is to create a simple & seamless customer experience for every stakeholder who touches the patient for your brand. This program will empower your teams to create that integrated customer experience.


A Series of Transformational Experiences

We work with your sales training team to organize a series of events spread across the year. At each event, your teams work together to identify opportunities for growth, translate those opportunities into a strategy and set of goals for each account they want to engage in, and then work together to engage that account in a coherent organized way that moves the needle.


Quality of Customer Engagement. Faster Growth.

Team-to-team engagement is a better way to drive treatment choice and elevate the total treatment experience of your brands. It's how you'll elevate the quality of customer engagement scores, improve net promotor scores, and most importantly drive growth. Simple & seamless.

Quantum makes it easy to customize this to your brand, market, and competitive environment so you can create a clear line of sight between brand strategy and face-to-face execution.

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Creating an integrated customer experience is a huge priority for us and this program helped us make that happen.


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