MSL Excellence on a Global Scale

A Research-based Approach to Elevating the Skill, Capability, and Impact of MSLs

A fast-growing biopharmaceutical company in Cambridge, Mass. reached out to Quantum because they wanted to elevate the skill level and capabilities of their MSLs both in the US and globally. The main driver of the initiative was to increase the contribution Medical Affairs was making to the organization by supporting the launch of two new neurology products and dealing with the anticipated launch of three new competitors over the next three years.

The first challenge was to define which specific skill sets and behaviors would empower their MSLs to fulfill three strategic imperatives for their role in Medical Affairs.

Quantum was hired to help define what MSL Excellence looked like in this expanded vision of what an MSL could be, but also to put in place a curriculum that would achieve that vision.



From Good to Great to World Class

The MSL team was very strong scientifically but needed to expand its ability to communicate succinctly and powerfully to a much broader array of stakeholders both external and internal.


Clear, Credible, & Compelling

Quantum was hired to define the next generation of MSL Excellence including: Project Management, Deep Collaboration, Social Intelligence, Advanced Communications Skills, and more.


Blinded Field Rides, Interviews, Workshops, Pull-through

Quantum started by doing blinded field rides with top and middle-performing MSLs in the US to identify which behaviors made a difference in fulfilling the MSL's current role. We also conducted extensive interviews with senior leaders in Medical to build a competency model for MSLs. Finally Quantum developed a three-stage curriculum to elevate the skill level of the entire US MSL team.


Global Implementation

The MSL Excellence curriculum was so well received and customer feedback was so strong in the US, that the client decided to roll the program out globally with country-specific modifications in the EU, LATAM, and ASIA Pacific markets. We certified MSL leaders who in turn provided deep coaching and pull-through – the real key to long-term adoption and success.

“Our MSLs are so hungry to expand their skill sets. MSL Excellence was a huge win from the very first session."

Director, Medical Science Liaisons, BioPharma

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MSL Excellence

MSL Excellence

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