Crushing the Competition in 3 Simple Steps


In Physician-Assessed Customer Engagement Quality

As independently assessed by ZS Associates.


Percent-to-Goal Attainment

From 96%-to-goal on average to 121%-to-goal in 12 months.

Feeling Attacked On All Sides …

A historically strong sales force was struggling to maintain growth with a relentless barrage of new competitors launching into their therapeutic area.

The sales force was feeling beat up. The average rep was only at 96%-to-goal. Hardly anyone was making a bonus. Top performers were leaving for the competition. In a word: It sucked.

Believing that a different approach could turn things around, the VP of Sales hired ZS Associates to determine how physicians viewed the quality of sales rep-customer engagement and pinpoint areas for improvement relative to the competition. The results were sobering but showed a lot of room for improvement.

That’s when the VP called Quantum and asked if we could do two things: 1) Improve the quality of customer engagement and 2) actually move the needle.



Trouble in Paradise

A previously top-performing sales force was getting overwhelmed by competitors. Physician-assessed quality metrics ranked this client's sales force as 5th out of 6 competitors. And the average sales rep was at 96%-to-goal attainment. Ouch!


Measurably Improve the Quality of Customer Engagement

Quantum was hired to elevate the sales force's ability to better engage customers and move the needle for their brand.


The Right Behaviors Simplify Everything

Quantum worked closely with sales training, brand managers, and sales leadership to develop a 3-part curriculum organized over 12 months. Each part covered two game-changing behaviors with relentless coaching and pull-through built-in from the start.


The Sales Force Crushed their Numbers!

After 12 months the sales force went from 5th out of 6 competitors to #1 in quality of customer engagement as independently measured by ZS Associates! And the average salesperson hit 121%-to-goal, crushing their numbers!

“I've never seen a sales force internalize and apply new behaviors so quickly. Quantum's coaching and pull-through tools really made a difference.”

VP Rheumatology Sales Force

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