How A Hematology Brand Fought Back the Competition and Won!


Lift in Market Share in Less than 12 Months

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When the Going Gets Tough …

For several years, this hematology client was the clear market leader with more indications that any other brand. But several new entrants threatened that track record of stunning growth.

It was clear that they needed to be much more proactive about driving treatment choice, elevating the total treatment experience, and keeping the competition in reaction mode. It started by identifying the intersection between which selling behaviors actually moved the needle and those which HCPs valued the most.



Market Leader, for Now ...

A long-time client built a new therapeutic category from scratch. But then, new entrants started pouring in, carving up market share and nibbling away at their primary indication. A prior strength of the sales force — clinically deep conversations — suddenly became a liability because their competition used simple, direct, messaging that was easier to remember.


Be Bolder, Differentiate, Grow

Leadership's goal was to leverage their strengths: More indications, more and better data, but do so in a way that was radically simplified because the competition was winning with simplified messaging that was easier to process and remember.


Strategic Customer Engagement Simplified

Quantum collaborated with the brand team, sales leadership, and sales training to develop a bespoke Customer Engagement Model that fit the new, more competitive, market reality. We developed digitally powered brand playbooks to keep messaging simple, focused, and effective. And we provided new skills and behaviors for engaging accounts more competitively and strategically. The whole end-to-end process took 12 months organized as three strategic touchpoints aligned with national and regional sales meetings.


4.9% Lift in Market Share!

The result? A 4.9% increase in market share in the first 12 months despite several new entrants into their core indication.

Kudos to you, Quantum and Marketing for ALL you have done to make this happen.
Quick to pivot and so very responsive to our needs.

National Sales Manager, Hematology Market Leader

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