Creating an Integrated Customer Experience that Feels Simple and Seamless is the New Competitive Frontier

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Apple figured out a long time ago that the end-to-end experience of using their products is a huge value driver and massive competitive advantage. Technology is great, but it’s the seamless integration of technology that makes the Apple experience better than anyone else’s. Almost every aspect of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iMac work together to create a seamless customer experience that feels like magic. In oncology, immunology, and biopharma, we can learn a lot from Apple — especially the strategy of making sure that every aspect of the total treatment experience “just flows” — simply and seamlessly.

Ecosystems | Accounts | HCPs — Crushing Your Behavioral Objectives by Stakeholder

Every brand leader knows that success ultimately boils down to empowering their customer-facing teams to crush those key stakeholder behavioral objectives that ladder up to brand growth. The question is how?

For your salespeople, field reimbursement managers, patient educators, MSLs, and other customer-facing players there is another element that controls how well your brand strategy gets executed: It’s the ability to work together as a team to seamlessly engage and empower behavior change.

The next level of brand growth is going to be achieved by getting cross-functional teams to work together, in concert, to drive demand and create a better total treatment experience for every stakeholder who touches the patient for your brand.

The ability to create an integrated customer experience that’s simple and seamless is the rate-limiting step in our increasingly complex, competitive, and fast-changing healthcare ecosystem.

We Need More than Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Data

As powerful as these tools are, what’s missing is your customer-facing team’s ability to use these insights to influence treatment choices at the moment of decision. And then to make sure that the total treatment experience is simple and seamless so the patient gets on therapy and stays on therapy. The purpose of engaging the total account as well as key stakeholders in the surrounding ecosystem is to make sure that everyone who touches the patient has a simple and seamless experience of your people, your systems, and your brand.

Team-to-Team Customer Engagement

Competitive customer engagement within an account and across the ecosystem requires a new set of skills for everyone on your customer-facing teams: From sales professionals to field reimbursement specialists, to MSLs, to district managers and field trainers. It takes teamwork, collaboration, and social intelligence, in addition to message fluency, and great use of predictive analytics to move the needle for your brands.

Team-to-team engagement is the future of competitive customer engagement in oncology, biopharma, and medical device.

It Takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work

From treatment choice to patient education, from prior authorization to side effect management, everyone has a role to play. Team-to-team customer engagement is about making sure that everyone on your team is working together to create an integrated customer experience that’s simple and seamless. From field reimbursement specialists to field trainers, from nurse educators to the people responsible for managing contracts – everyone has a role to play in delivering a better end-to-end experience than the competition. In a world where differences in efficacy are thin, elevating the total treatment experience is an essential part of creating meaningful competitive differentiation.

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